The bumper transfers of 74 personnel carried out by Premchand Agrawal, Urban Development Minister of Uttarakhand Government, who left for Germany from Delhi in his Urban Development Department last evening, have been immediately banned from the Chief Minister’s Office. CM Dhami has expressed displeasure while banning the transfers.

Urban Development Minister Premchandra Agrawal, surrounded by controversies regarding Uttarakhand Assembly Backdoor Recruitment, has given rise to another new controversy.

Minister Premchand Agarwal has left for Germany early in the morning after transferring the bumpers of 74 employees in his Urban Development Department. But even before the controversy erupted over these bumper transfers, Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami has put an immediate ban on it.

It is known that the list of transfer of 74 people was prepared in the Urban Development Department of Urban Development Minister Premchand Agarwal late on 17th September. Urban Development Minister Premchand Agrawal left for Germany as soon as the morning came after approving this list of transfers.

But shortly after Minister Agarwal’s flight to Germany, Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami reversed this decision and canceled these transfers with immediate effect.

Let us tell you that at present, the assembly recruitment scam is in the headlines in Uttarakhand and after this scam came to the fore, the government is somewhere on the backfoot. At the same time, Premchand Agarwal is on the target of the opposition as the focal point of this scam.