Now it will be easy to go from Kathgodam to Dehradun. Train number 14120/14119 (Kathgodam Dehradun) will now run daily instead of 5 days a week. This information was given by the Senior Divisional Commercial Manager of Northern Railway Moradabad Division. In view of the increasing number of passengers, the railway administration has extended the period of operation of special trains. Some trains have short termination.

Railways has decided to run it daily instead of five days in a week, increasing its frequency. Now 14120 Dehradun Kathgodam Express will run daily from 08th August, 2022 and 14119 Kathgodam-Dehradun Express will run daily from 09th August, 2022.

Earlier this train used to run on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday and train 14119 (Kathgodam-Dehradun) will run daily from 9th August.  Apart from this, 14113 (Subedarganj-Dehradun) will run daily from 7 August.

Earlier this train used to run on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, 14 114 (Dehradun-Subedarganj) will run daily from 10 August.

There are more number of students traveling from Kumaon to Dehradun who prefer to travel by train. In such a situation, they will not have to worry about daily train operation. Many times the students used to leave the city for fear of not getting the train, but now the train will serve them daily. Kathgodam-Dehradun leaves Kathgodam for Dehradun at 7.45 pm and reaches Dehradun at 4.20 am.