An incredibly significant decision was taken today at the cabinet meeting of the Dhami government. However, the government has been working on the issue of shifting the Nainital High Court for a long time. Due to the exercise of shifting the High Court to Haldwani, different voices of the association have come to the fore many times.

But this time the Haldwani Association has fully supported the shifting of the High Court from Nainital to Gaulapar Haldwani. Tell me that this time the association has said that due to the shift of the High Court to Haldwani, litigants will be able to get easy justice. However, in view of this discussion, 22 points were approved by the Dhami government at the cabinet meeting today. It was also decided to move the High Court to Haldwani.

Tell me that the office bearers of the Haldwani Association say that due to the present circumstances they have to face a lot of difficulties while traveling to Nainital. During the tourist season and the rainy season, there are also many problems due to road obstructions.

If the High Court shifts to Haldwani, then there are all kinds of convenient arrangements for litigants. Along with this, the Bageshwar and Pithoragarh Bar Associations also supported the shifting of the High Court to Haldwani. Former Presidents of the Haldwani association said that according to the present situation, the High Court should be shifted from Nainital to Haldwani.

However, the biggest reason behind the shifting of the High Court is the geographical location of Nainital. There was an attempt to shift the Uttarakhand High Court to Haldwani in view of the apprehension of the hill collapsing here.

Please note that according to Haldwani Vice President Prakash Joshi, this is not a matter of lawyers.

Rather, it is a decision made by the government. Staff and lawyers working in the Nainital High Court commute from Haldwani. As a result, the solution to transportation-related problems is also certain. The High Court is also the Court of Record. He has to preserve every document for the next 30 years.