Taking major action in the context of Bulli Bai app controversy, Mumbai Police arrested 18-year-old Shweta Singh from Uttarakhand on Tuesday and it was said in the headlines that this girl was the mastermind of this whole case.

A day before this, Shweta, a 21-year-old engineering student who was arrested from Bangalore, was also found to be her associate. The two had reportedly come in contact on social media after they saw similarities in ideology. After this the two became friends and both of them started the game of ‘auctioning’ webpages of Muslim women.

It is being told that in the controversial webpage hosting case on the code-sharing platform named GitHub, the first web page surfaced in July 2021 while the second one on January 1 under the name Bulli Bai.

These pages were found to contain derogatory material against reputed Muslim women, which sparked controversy. In this connection, Vishal Kumar Jha, who was traced through Twitter, was first arrested and after that, the Cyber Crime Cell of Mumbai arrested Shweta from Rudrapur located in Udham Singh Nagar district of Uttarakhand.

According to the news coming in the media regarding this matter, Shweta lives with her three siblings in Rudrapur and in the month of May last year, her father died due to Kovid 19. Earlier in 2011, his mother had died of cancer. The HT report, quoting a senior Uttarakhand police officer, said that Shweta was associated with the “idea of ​​Hindutva” and used to post such content frequently on social media.

The Uttarakhand police officer, on condition of anonymity, was quoted as saying, “During a discussion on a post related to the same idea, the two accused came in contact and then started chatting on WhatsApp and became friends… after being caught by Mumbai Police.” In the interrogation done after, Shweta also denied any kind of remorse.