Covid-19 restrictions implemented by the state government on October 18 have been abolished. Now only it will be mandatory to follow the central guidelines, violation of which action can be taken.

In fact, on October 18, the SOP of the Covid Ban was issued, in which the Covid restrictions were implemented from October 19 to November 20. It mandated 50 percent attendance at events ranging from marriage to marriage, as well as RT-PCR reports for those coming from outside states.

But on Thursday, Chief Secretary Dr. S.S. Sandhu issued an order repealing the SOP of the covid ban. None of these rules will now apply to the state.

These guidelines will continue:

  • It will be mandatory to wear masks while traveling in public places, workplaces, and public transport.
  • It will be mandatory to keep a distance of six feet in public places.
  • Spitting in public places would be illegal, for which penalties are provided with prescribed fines.
  • Consumption of pan, gutkha, tobacco in public places will be prohibited.