There is huge opposition to the Agnipath scheme of the central government in many states of the country. Now a large number of protesters are also protesting in Haldwani, Uttarakhand. Meanwhile, the police took action and lathi-charged.

Protests are also taking place in states like Bihar, UP, Delhi, Haryana, and Himachal Pradesh. Stone pelting and arson continues. The highway has been blocked in Haldwani amid fierce protests.

While the protesters had a heated argument with the police. The heavy police force has also been deployed in Haldwani. On Thursday, youths protested fiercely in Pithoragarh, Khatima, and Champawat districts.

During this, he opposed the Agneepath scheme by blocking the road. In Champawat on Thursday, young protesters reached Golju Darbar from the motor station.

The youth demanded that the government should make permanent recruitment in the army as before. The youth got the support of former Congress MLA Hemesh Kharkwal. The protesters burnt an effigy of the government at the motor station.

For information, let us tell you that on Friday morning, more than 500 youths of Kumaon gathered at Ramlila Maidan to protest against the Agneepath scheme. After this the young man reached the Tikoniya crossroads in the form of a procession.

There was a long queue of vehicles due to the blockade of Nainital Highway. When the youths raised slogans against the government, the police tried to convince them.