China has accused the United States of instigating the ongoing Ukrainian war, alleging that Washington is most reluctant to see a ceasefire between Russia and Ukraine.
“US is the biggest spoiler of the security in entire Europe. The US is most reluctant to see a ceasefire between Russia and Ukraine,” Global Times has reported.

The Chinese media reported that on March 24, NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) reaffirmed it “will continue to provide further political and practical support to Ukraine and allies, substantially increasing its defense expenditures”.

“By enhancing the role of NATO, the US ties Europe more firmly to its chariot. With its dominant position, the US has forced Europe to take sides by escalating the crisis and even war. The ultimate goal is to constantly put Europe under its control,” Global Times reported.

While pouring cold water on the Russia-Ukraine peace talks, the US is stepping up its efforts to prolong the conflicts. This is in line with US strategic needs, added the Global Times.

“If Ukraine’s appeal for a security guarantee is met, a new model of international security guarantee will be opened up, which will mean weakening the role of the US and NATO. The US clearly doesn’t want to see this result. It can be said that the US is the biggest spoiler of security in all entire Europe. The US is the most reluctant to see a ceasefire between Russia and Ukraine,” it added.

On Wednesday, Communications Director Kate Bedingfield, during White House press briefing, while responding to a question, “Is the US willing to become a guarantor of Ukraine’s security or considering that option?”, said: “We are in constant discussion with Ukraine about ways that we can help ensure that they are sovereign and secure. But there’s nothing specific about a security guarantee that I can speak about at this time.”

Following Russia’s action in Ukraine, many Western nations and European countries have imposed tough sanctions on Russia, targeting its economy and financial system. (ANI)