In Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh, a young man has been accused of throwing a girl from the fourth floor. The relatives of the girl said that the youth Sufiyan was pressurizing their daughter to change her religion.

According to the complaint lodged by the family with the police, Nidhi Gupta (19), a resident of Dubagga, and Sufiyan had a love affair. When the family members of the girl heard about this, they gathered at Sufiyan’s house to protest. The girl’s father Ravi Gups said, “Sufiyan threw Nidhi down from the 4th floor. He died in the hospital.

Police say that the accused is absconding. A case of murder and forced conversion has been registered on the complaint of the family. Hinduist organizations are also expressing anger over this incident. At the same time, police arrived on the scene and started an investigation.

Police said that the incident took place in the Dubagga area of ​​Lucknow on Sunday. The accused Sufiyan and his family are absconding. Ravi Gupta lives with his family in Block 41 of Dubagga. Sufiyan and his family live in Block 40.

Ravi Gupta said, “Sufian had given his daughter Nidhi a mobile. Sufiyan was brainwashing her. He was manipulating his daughter into converting to Islam. We complained at Sufiyan’s house, but his family didn’t hear us. A brawl ensued. Meanwhile, Nidhi headed to the terrace. Sufiyan was also running after her.

Then we heard screams. We ran up to the roof. Sufiyan was alone there. He pushed us and ran away. Peeping down from the roof, we saw Nidhi lying on the ground in a pool of blood. We reached downstairs. Nidhi was taken to the hospital, where she died during treatment.

Nidhi’s mother Lakshmi Gupta alleged, “Sufian used to pressurize Nidhi to convert. When she refused, Sufiyan threw her off the terrace. These people snatched my daughter. Nidhi had gone to her maternal grandmother’s house a few days agoAfter returning home, she did not meet Sufiyan.g.She was not even talking to Sufiyan. Sufiyan was angry about this.

He used to quarrel with us and also used to threaten to kill us. Also earlier, two families had tussled. The matter had reached the police station. At that time the police did not take any action against Sufiyan.”

Nidhi’s maternal uncle Anuj was at his sister’s house on Tuesday. During the dispute, he tried to pacify Sufiyan. He said that Sufiyan had threatened to kill him. Tell him that he would set the car on fire. In the case, Inspector Sukhbir Singh said that raids are being conducted in search of Sufiyan and his family.

In this case, police officers also reached the crime scene in the early hours. Joint CP Law and Order Piyush Mordia said that the student used to live in Duda Colony. Sufiyan lives in his neighbourhood. Sufiyan has been trying to befriend the victim for the last one and a half years. Sufiyan had given a mobile phone to the deceased before the incident.

There was a dispute yesterday between the families of both of them concerning this. During this, Sufiyan climbed to the fourth floor with the deceased. Later the girl was found downstairs in a pool of blood. A case has been registered under serious sections including conversion.

A boy named Aftab Amin Poonawala brutally murdered his Hindu girlfriend Shraddha in the country’s capital Delhi. For this, Aftab first cut the dead body of the girl into 35 pieces and then kept it in the fridge. After this, they were thrown at different places every night. Delhi Police has arrested the accused Aftab Amin Poonawalla on the complaint. Aftab revealed during interrogation that there was a fight between the two over marriage. Shraddha pressured him to marry. As a result, he took this step.