Wednesday, March 3

Underground Affair: Married man builds secret tunnel to his lover’s house, gets caught by her husband


A man from Mexico, who built a tunnel to his lover’s home in order to carry on their secret affair, was tragically caught by her husband.

According to reports, the bricklayer named Alberto managed to dig a long passageway that reached all the way to a woman’s residence in the Tijuana neighbourhood of Villas del Prado 1. The work was reportedly done when the woman’s husband was at his security job.

The couple often met when the husband named Jorge was away at work. But one day, he arrived home earlier than usual and caught the couple red-handed.

The husband found Alberto hiding behind a sofa and noticed a hole that led into a tunnel beneath his house. When he climbed down to the passageway, it led him all the way to Alberto’s home.

Although the size and length of the tunnel have not been reported by local media, pictures of the entrance have been widely shared on social media.

When Jorge reached the other house via the tunnel, Alberto reportedly pleaded with him to leave the house as he was trying to hide the affair from his wife.  But things didn’t end on a civilised note as the husbands got into a fistfight, which required the intervention of cops.

A few years ago, the use of the widely popular phone app Google Maps turned into a personal tragedy for a husband.

Scanning through Google Maps on Street View, the man stumbled upon some pictures that showed his wife cuddling with another man.

The husband, who hails from Peru, was using Google Maps to research the best way to reach a popular bridge in the country’s capital Lima.

When he started using the Street View feature on the application to find different routes, he stumbled upon a familiar figure in Google Steet View Photos. The photo showed a man, dressed in blue jeans and a white t-shirt, lying on a bench next to a woman in black and white clothing. When the Peruvian man zoomed into the picture, he noticed the woman was stroking the hair of the man who was lying down.

At that moment, the man realised the woman is his wife as her clothes were identical.

After the discovery, the man confronted his wife, who consequently admitted to having an affair.