A video of Islamist Mohammed Hijab spewing venom against Hindus is doing the rounds on social media as the Muslim mob cheers him on with screams of ‘Allah Hu Akbar’.

In one such video on Twitter, he is heard calling Hindus gangsters and mocking the religion.

“I am saying this directly to the so-called Hindutva wannabe gangsters, don’t ever come out like that again,” he said.

Violence erupted in Leicester city following the defeat of Pakistan by India in the Asia Cup match on 28 August. According to accounts, Muslims, primarily Pakistani Islamists, clashed with Hindus in the area. Several videos of the incident went viral a week after the incident.

The Muslims have accused young Hindu men of taking out an impromptu procession, chanting ‘Jai Shri Ram’, and throwing glass bottles at them.

Slamming his rant against Hindus, a post on Twitter said that Hijab openly spews hate and violence from London to Leicester and asked why he was still on the streets.

“Islamist Mohammed Hijab’s hate speech in #Leicester inciting violence against Hindus. Islamist mob cheer with screams of “Allah Hu Akbar”. From London to Leicester, Hijab openly spews hate&violence. Why is he still on our streets?” the post read.

As the tension between Hindus and Muslims escalated, influential Islamist YouTuber Hijab was reportedly present in Leicester.

The YouTuber has been keeping an eye on the situation, retweeting updates by Majid Freeman, a local activist from the city, who was in the thick of the Leicester violence. In videos posted by Freeman from Belgrave Road, the baton-wielding police officers can be seen asking the crowds to get back.

Freeman has accused Hindu mobs of “throwing glass bottles at Muslims, taunting the community and physically beating people up randomly”, according to The Guardian report.

Hijab’s Twitter account is replete with tweets and retweets of hate comments against Hindus and India. He endorsed a tweet from Freeman in which he wrote, “ Muslims from ALL backgrounds in #Leicester are united… We won’t allow this #Hindutva extremism to spread here. This isn’t India where we’re the minority & they have the state supporting them.”

In the latest attack after Leicester, more than 200 people, mostly Muslims, attacked Durga Bhawan Hindu Centre in Smethwick and shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ slogans on Monday.

According to reports, Hijab has organised multiple antisemitic attacks in the past and his role in the these attacks can not be ruled out.

“Mohammed Hijab, the radical Islamist who issued public hate speech against Hindus has organised multiple antisemitic attacks in the past. Have received several SOS alerts from Leicester’s Hindu community saying Hijab is currently in Leicester planning similar attacks on Hindus,” read another post on Twitter.

Hijab is a British-Egyptian social media influencer with 146k followers on Instagram, 80.9k followers on Twitter, and 597K subscribers on YouTube. He calls himself an author and academic with interests in political philosophy and religion. He mostly puts out provocative content related to Muslims and Islam aimed at a younger audience.

A regular at Speaker’s Corner in London’s Hyde Park, he is known to hold extremist and antisemitic views.(FirstPost)