Prime Minister Narendra on Friday addressed the nation highlighting the country’s milestone of achieving 100 crore vaccinations. PM Modi said the world has now realised India’s might after this milestone.He also said this achievement has shown power of ‘Made in India’, and reflects ‘Naya Bharat’.

  1. PM Modi noted the 100 cr vaccination landmark was achieved in just nine months despite many critics casting doubts on India’s capability
  2. “Just like we wear shoes before stepping out of our houses, we should also wear masks and make it a habit.”
  3. “It is India’s success. Efforts of our 130 crore population made this possible. 100 crore vaccine doses’ is not just a number, but a reflection of our ability.”
  4.  This is the picture of ‘Naya Bharat’. We know how to set a difficult target and achieve it. Many people are comparing our vaccination drive with other countries,” PM Modi said.
  5. “We forget from where we started. Will the people of India get the vaccine or not?  Will India be able to vaccinate enough people to stop the pandemic from spreading? There were various questions, but today this 100 crore vaccine dose-milestone is answering every question”
  6. PM Modi said, “it is a matter of pride for us that India’s vaccination programme has been science-born, science-driven and science-based”.
  7. “CoWin platform brought out by India has now become the centre of attraction in the world.”
  8. Prime Minister slams critics who ridiculed the central government’s ‘taali-thaali’ event last year when the pandemic had started.
  9. Muft vaccine ka abhiyaan has made a huge difference. Vaccine mein bhed bhav nahi kiya gaya. No VIP culture was allowed. If Covid-19 does not discriminate, how can we discriminate on vaccinations?”
  10. PM Modi describes India’s COVID-19 vaccination drive as “a journey from anxiety to assurance”, one which has made the country stronger. PM lauded people’s trust in the vaccines despite “various efforts to create mistrust and panic”.