Christina Ozturk from Russia is a 23-year-old millionaire who just can’t stop thinking about having children.

She already has 11 kids and has no plans of stopping just yet. In fact, she has dreams of having more than 100 kids.

Christina lives with her husband, Galip Ozturk, who is a wealthy hotel owner in Georgia. She has already had 10 babies by surrogates and gave birth to just one naturally.

She added that had to spend  8,000 euros on surrogacy for each of their 10 children. Surrogacy was made legal in Georgia in the year 1997, for couples who are married and heterosexual.

Recently, the 23-year-old mum-of-eleven said on her social media channel that she and her husband love children and want to have 105 of them.

“At the moment, I have 10 children with the latest addition, Olivia, who arrived at the end of last month. I gave birth to my eldest daughter Vika myself six years ago. The rest of the children are genetically ours from my husband and me, but were carried by surrogates,” said Christina.

“I don’t know how many they will eventually be, but we certainly don’t plan to stop at 10. We just not ready to talk about the final number. Everything has its time,” she added.

Christina said that her clinic in Batumi takes full responsibility for the birth process and they choose only surrogate mothers. However, Christina and her husband are never acquainted with the surrogate mothers and do not even have any direct contact with them in order to prevent future problems.

As for Galip, he says Christina is the kind of wife he always wanted.

“She was the kind of wife I always wanted for myself, an uncut diamond where I saw what a pure and kind heart she had,” he said.

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