Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao said on Monday that the state has become a role model for other states in terms of the implementation of welfare and development schemes.
His remarks came while addressing the Telangana Rashtra Samithi’s plenary meeting in Hyderabad after he was re-elected as the party president for the ninth time.

Addressing the meeting, the Chief Minister said, “The schemes of the Telangana government are being implemented in other states. People are from Nanded city want the state’s programmes to be implemented in the city or demand to merge their territories to Telangana so that they can avail themselves of the schemes. Telangana state has become a role model for other states,” adding that the Raichur MLA from Karnataka had earlier demanded the merging of the district with Telangana.

KCR, as he is popularly known in Telangana, further said, “Since the time we have Dalita Bandhu, many people from Andhra Pradesh came to me and asked to come to the state and contest elections as they want our public welfare schemes to be implemented.”

The CM also fumed at the Election Commission of India for objecting to his public meeting at Nagarjunasagar ahead of the Huzurabad by-poll and stopping the implementation of the Dalita Bandhu scheme in Huzurabad.

He said, “A case has been filed in the High Court for not letting me hold a public meeting at Nagarjunasagar ahead of the by-election. Everybody has a right to organise such meetings in the democratic process but the ECI is not allowing.”

He added, “The Dalita Bandhu scheme will resume after November 4 in Huzurabad.”

Taking a dig at Andhra Pradesh leaders, he said, “Before bifurcation, the Andhra Pradesh leaders used to say there would be electricity in Telangana if the state is carved out. Now the condition is such that there is 24-hour power supply in Telangana but not in AP.” (ANI)