Thursday, February 25

Teenager kills grandmother with hammer for not giving him money


Angry with his grandmother for not giving him money to return to his friends, a teenager in east Delhi’s Shahdara killed the 73-year-old woman with a hammer on Saturday night, left her body on a chair and then fled after stealing a few thousand rupees from her, the police said.

Amit Sharma, deputy commissioner of police (Shahdara), said that the teenager was nabbed on Sunday evening, but it is yet to be ascertained with documents whether or not he is an adult.

The suspect lived with his parents on the second floor of their building in Shahdara. His father runs a general store in the neighborhood. His grandmother had rented out the first floor and lived alone on the ground floor.

“She would receive pension as well as the rent money,” said the DCP.

The teenager, meanwhile, was a college student and had borrowed thousands of rupees from his friend, but wouldn’t return much of it, the officer said.

On Saturday, he was under pressure from some friends to return the money. “He quietly slid out of his flat that night. His parents thought he had gone out with his friends for the night, the way he usually did,” the officer said.

But instead of going out with his friends, he walked into his grandmother’s flat and asked her to spare some money from her pension and rent amount. “When the elderly woman refused to give him any money, he picked up a hammer and struck her head of the woman who was sitting on a chair at that moment,” said the DCP.

The woman died on the chair itself. Her grandson then locked her flat from the outside, picked up his scooter and left.

That night, when the woman’s son tried to check on her, he found the house locked from the outside and thought she had gone to visit her son who lived in a different building in the same neighborhood.

“The next morning, the teenager’s father called his brother to ask about their mother. When he got to know that she had never visited her other son, the lock outside her house was broken and her body found on the chair,” the DCP said.

The police were subsequently involved.

“We began by probing the role of an outsider. But the woman’s flat was locked from the outside. And the other door was locked from the inside. That made it clear that it was a friendly entry into the victim’s house,” said the officer.

Since the teenager was the one missing, he was the prime suspect.

“On Sunday evening, we caught him and recovered the hammer used in the murder. We have also traced his friend who he gave the money he stole from his grandmother,” the DCP said.