The Taliban on Monday claimed to have killed three Islamic State (IS) terrorists and arrested two on Sunday evening in an operation in Kabul’s Police District 5.

According to the Islamic Emirate officials and force members, the operation was launched on a house where IS terrorists were located, reported Tolo News.

“They hid in a very complex place and there was no way for us to enter so we were forced to use rockets and grenades,” said Zahid, a member of the Islamic Emirate forces.

Meanwhile, local residents said the fight was ongoing for several hours and heavy and light weapons were used, reported Tolo News

“People suffered a lot. Our neighbour’s women faced troubles. Her daughter went unconscious,” said Imamuddin, a resident.

“At 9 pm the Islamic Emirate forces climbed on our house’s roof and we were not aware of it. I said: What are you doing here? They said there is Daesh (IS) in your neighbour’s house. The fight was ongoing from 9 pm to 11:20 pm,” said Del Agha, a local resident

So far, the identity of those killed and arrested have not been released to the public by the Islamic Emirate, reported Tolo News.
IS-affiliated terrorists have staged several bomb explosions in Kabul and other places since the Taliban’s takeover in mid-August. (ANI)