New Zealand skipper Kane Williamson said England white-ball squad has evolved over the years and the changes in the team have been “significant”.

England and New Zealand will lock horns on Wednesday for the first time in an ICC knockout game since the 2019 ODI World Cup final.

Williamson said both New Zealand and England will put their “best foot” forward going into the semi-finals of the T20 World Cup.

“Look, we’ve played each other a number of times. We’ve had some really good games in really good series. The evolution of the England side and particularly the white ball side’s been significant over a number of years. And have got a lot of experienced T20 players on their side,” said Williamson in a virtual press conference as per ICC.

“As a collective, they’re playing some really good cricket. We know it’s a nice challenge that we’re looking forward to. And both teams try and utilize what they have to the best of their ability and try and play their best cricket.

“You turn up on the day and there’s been no particularly in this format it’s fickle in its nature and both teams will go out to look to put their best foot forward and what will be will be at the end of it. But for us it’s been a real growth focus,” he added.

The New Zealand skipper also informed that every player is fit and ready for the clash against England on Wednesday.

“Yes. Everybody’s fit, which is great. And we have a practise and look forward to the match tomorrow,” said Williamson.

While New Zealand is coming on the back of a win in the semi-finals, England have their feet on the ground following a first defeat of the tournament last week. (ANI)