Wednesday, April 21

Syed Mohammad Anas launches NGO Philoverphobia


Social workers are great people who commit to make each a better place to live in our society. They never discriminate on the basis of any class, race, or gender.

The basic purpose of a social worker’s life is to improve people’s lives and provide them an opportunity so that they can realize the silver lining in their lives.

Syed Mohammad Anas is a philanthropist who is inspiring the youth in many ways. He has helped all the needy people of our society, at any time they are ready to do social work. It has done a big job of giving money, ration and everything needed to the poor people.

Born in Ghatkopar, Maharashtra, Mumbai, Syed Mohammad Anas was compassionate since his childhood and had a humble spirit that has helped him grow into a kind man.

Indulging in social activities that work for the upliftment of the poor in our society has always inspired him. That is why he has helped many people with food and medicines for the poor at the time of lockdown when several people were imprisoned in their homes.

The influence of Syed Mohammad Anas and his NGO Philoverphobia is well respected in the urban community and has always been widely recognized as a social worker. Apart from feeding the poor, he also aims to provide employment opportunities to the youth through various means within his country.

The social worker also wants to give the best education to those who do not have enough money to go to school and get an education; he has been helping such people in every possible way.

With his NGO Philoverphobia, he wishes to send across content that is engaging, uplifting, and connecting all individuals and social institutions through a social platform.

Having spent his entire life for the welfare of the people because of which he has brought compassion, resilience, and positivity in his life. He also tries to give his learning to others.

Syed Mohammad Anas aims to help every possible child who does not have enough money to go to school and get an education; he takes responsibility for the education of all such children since he believes that education is an inevitable right for each.