Subscribe a sports car: Porsche offers Netflix-like packages in US


Buying a Porsche may not be within the reach of many across the world but speed enthusiasts can now look forward to ‘owning’ and driving a select collection of iconic cars in the product portfolio. This is thanks to a subscription service launched in the US by the sports car maker called ‘Porsche Drive’ which allows interested customers to get their hands behind the wheels for anywhere between one and three months.

The subscription-based model is essentially similar to such models on video streaming platforms like Netflix. And while new cars will offered for sale much like they have always been, the subscription-based service seeks to be a more affordable option for those who may either not have the financial resources for an outright purchase or may not want to own a vehicle. Or both.

The most affordable Porsche being offered in the service is the Macan SUV which starts at $1,500 per month (approximately 1.10 lakh). On the other end of the product profile available is Porsche 911 which starts at $2,600 per month (approximately 1.90 lakh).

There is also an activation fees of $595 (approximately 44,000) but this is waived off if a customer opts for the three-month subscription plan.

The subscription fees also takes care of insurance, roadside assistance and vehicle maintenance, and can be home delivered and can be picked up once the subscription service ends or is brought to an end. This, however, is only for locations which are within 20 miles (32 kilometres) of a participating Porsche dealership.

Porsche says that the service will help those who always dreamt of driving its cars but couldn’t because of their respective reasons to experience all that its cars have to offer. It, however, is not the first car maker to bring about such a service. Car makers like Nissan, Cadillac and Lexus have also gone down this path in recent times in a bid to keep the revenue stream flowing. A few of these companies also offer the option of letting customers purchase the vehicles, if they so wish, at the end of the subscription period.