Prominent preacher and chief of Haryana Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee (HSGMC) Baljit Singh Daduwal has urged Sikh youths, especially the baptised ones, to shun radicalism and violence and stay away from dollar dreams shown by secessionist organisation in the name of Khalistan.

In a video message, the prominent Sikh preacher said that several Sikh families were suffering because their children were getting lured by payment of a few hundred to thousand dollars and promise of a job made by a US-based secessionist organisation, which is banned in India, in exchange for hosting Khalistan flags or writing its slogans.

He repeatedly urged the youth not to waste their life on radicalism and take care of their family.

“Lured by dollars, many lands in jails. It is tragic that the Sikhs, mainly Amritdhari (baptised) youths, have got swayed by these promises and end up in jails. They are not even getting bail. Many youths have been in jail for over two years. The organisation that got this unlawful work done, didn’t even pay them,” Daduwal said.

The US-based organisation had reportedly asked youths from Haryana and Punjab to hoist Khalistan flags and paint its slogans.
Daduwal appealed for foreign organisations to open factories or invest in projects in India to help the Punjabi youths instead of luring them into radicalism.

“If the foreign organisations are so concerned about unemployment, they should come here and open factories or invest in projects to help Punjab youths,” the Sikh preacher said.

Dadulwal also asked other religious leaders to spread the same message to youths.

In July, Patiala Police arrested two persons who were lured by a banned organisation into pasting its posters and hoist its flag.

Karnal Police in July arrested a Patiala-based man for writing “pro-Khalistan slogans” on the walls of two educational institutions on June 20. Police said that the accused was promised to pay USD 1,000 by a US-based person for accomplishing the job.

In May this year the Punjab Police’s intelligence headquarters building in Mohali was targeted with a rocket propelled grenade and central intelligence agencies found the role of suspected overground workers of Khalistani extremists group associated with Pakistan-based terrorists.

Besides this, in May this year, ‘Khalistan’ flags were found tied on the Himachal Pradesh Assembly main gate and walls.

Following this, the state police booked the banned organization outfit’s general counsel and held him as the “main accused” in the case. (ANI)