The South Korean government announced on the 4th that it supports the pledge signed by five nuclear-weapon states at the P5 Summit to avoid nuclear war and arms competition.
It also said that it will make efforts to contribute to global denuclearization.
The Foreign Ministry spokesperson said, “The Korean government is expecting the pledge to contribute to global denuclearization based on the treaty on the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons (NPT) and international peace and stability.”

“Korea is welcoming that five nuclear-weapon states summits agreed that there is no winner for the nuclear war, and it should never happen,” said the spokesperson. “It is also hoped that nuclear-weapon states will actively participate in bilateral and multilateral meetings to implement practical nuclear disarmament and prevent military competition.”
In addition, the government also announced that it has been actively participating in Stockholm
initiative and the Creating an Environment for Nuclear Disarmament (CEND) initiative to discuss nuclear disarmament. It said, “We will continue to contribute to the implement NPT.”
The U.S. White House and the Chinese Foreign Ministry previously announced that the leaders of the five nuclear-weapon states, US-China, Russia, France, and the United Kingdom (P5), issued a joint statement on preventing nuclear war. ( ANI/Global Economic)