The Supreme Court on Friday issued various interim directions and said that the reconstituted supervisory committee of the Mullaperiyar Dam can carry out all the statutory functions until a regular authority is established.
The Supreme Court said the Supervisory Committee, as reconstituted by its interim order, shall be accountable in all matters relating to the safety of the dam till the National Dam Safety Authority (NDSA) is fully functional.
A bench headed by Justice AM Khanwilkar passed various interim directions in the matter relating to Mullaperiyar Dam, a longstanding dispute between the States of Kerala and Tamil Nadu.
The Supreme Court also said that the Chief Secretary of the concerned state would be responsible to ensure that every direction given by the supervisory committee is taken to its logical end without exception.
The Supreme Court directed the Concerned ministry to extend all logistical assistance. It also directed Tamil Nadu and Kerala to extend whatever possible assistance as required by the supervisory committee.
The Supreme Court was hearing the matter relating to Mullaperiyar Dam.

The Centre on Tuesday suggested to the Supreme Court to let the Mullaperiyar dam supervisory committee continue for a year, by which time the National Dam Safety Authority under the new Dam Safety Act will become fully functional.

The central government’s submission came before a bench headed by Justice AM Khanwilkar.
“During the period of one year, when the National Dam Safety Authority comes fully functional, the Supervisory Committee on Mullaperiyar Dam may continue its functioning as per the existing mandate in regulating the operations of the Mullaperiyar Dam,” the Central government said in its proposal.
Additional Solicitor General (ASG) Aishwarya Bhati, appearing for the Centre, said that it will take a year for the National Dam Safety Authority to become fully functional.
“In order to ensure that the decisions and recommendations being made by the Supervisory Committee are duly complied by the party States, the Chief Secretaries of the States may be made accountable,” the Centre said.
The government also added that to address the technical concerns of both the states, the Chief Secretaries of the states may be requested to nominate technical experts as members to participate in the meetings conducted by the Supervisory Committee. This would ensure accountability of the decisions/ action taken therein.
Once the National Dam Safety Authority becomes fully functional, the functions of the Supervisory Committee will be taken over by the Authority under the aegis of the Act. (ANI)