The seer, who attempted self-immolation at Deeg in Bharatpur to protest against illegal mining, was declared dead in a Delhi Hospital, said the officials on Saturday.

“Sadhu Vijay Das died at around 2.30 am in the hospital where he was undergoing treatment after his self-immolation attempt. The post-mortem has been scheduled for 9 am,” informed Sub Divisional Officer, Sanjay Goyal.

Earlier on July 21, his condition was said to be stable.

The incident was reported in Deeg on July 20 when Sadhu Vijay Das attempted self-immolation amid protests over illegal mining in the area.

The city officials had rushed to the spot to put out the fire and rescue Das.

The locals and sadhus had been demanding a ban on the mines for a long time.

The administration also assured the sadhus that mines will be shifted from the area and informed them about the state government’s plans to transform the vicinity into a religious tourist spot.

“These mines will be shifted and about 2,500 people who will be unemployed as a result, will be employed somewhere else…The state govt intends to make it (stone mining area) into a religious tourism spot,” Ranjan added.

On Tuesday a sadhu climbed atop a mobile tower in the district’s Deeg on Tuesday morning to protest stone mining in the area.
The man was persuaded to come down eventually. (ANI)