American video game publisher Rockstar Games has announced that it would be offering a new subscription service to ‘GTA Online’ players.

According to The Verge, the subscription service, dubbed as ‘GTA Plus’, will grant players exclusive perks for USD 5.99 a month.

The official announcement tells, “Being a GTA Plus member gets you a recurring monthly GTA$500,000 direct deposit to your Maze Bank account, plus the opportunity to claim properties in and around Los Santos that unlock gameplay updates you may have missed out on, special vehicle upgrades, Member-only discounts, GTA$ and RP bonuses, and more each month.”

This membership, which launches on March 29, notably will only be available for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X players; with no word on if the service will come to previous-gen systems or PC.

‘GTA Plus’ joins ‘Fortnite Crew’ and ‘Fallout 1st’ as one of the new game-specific subscription models. Though all three offer similar monthly rewards, ‘GTA Plus’ is half the price of both subscriptions, as per The Verge. (ANI)