A loving tale of fatherly affection and bonding with a child manifests itself in a marvellous rap video on Father’s Day by Pregakem featuring Rohit Reddy and his little one.

In a unique rap portrayal of dads that doesn’t quite conform with outdated societal norms, Alkem Pharma’s pregnancy detection kit brand – Pregakem brings a unique message this Father’s Day.

Pregakem’s message to all the ‘Daddy log’ is unique yet tangible and adaptable. The brand aspires to teach dads ‘Fatherhood ka Fundaa’ that embodies dos & don’ts in a catchy rap rhyme.
Extending their Mother’s Day message of #SymbolNotSolution and giving it a father’s voice and perspective, Fatherhood ka Fundaa is a rap song that entails fundamentals of parenting and intentions and mindsets that need to change and develop.

“We knew that Father’s Day would be the perfect time to get dads involved to share the message – Children are a symbol of their parents’ love and not a solution to problems. We’ve said it before, on Mother’s Day, and we say it again. Our brand represents the new age parents and we hope that this message is remembered for good,” said Mukesh Tiwary, President, Marketing and Sales, Alkem Generics.

“We wanted to do something fun with dads this Fathers’ Day while retaining the message of #SymbolNotSolution. The idea of the rap was loved by everyone when presented internally and we decided to go on floor immediately,” said Avinash Kudtarkar, Senior Product Manager, Novokem | Alkem Health Care.

Featuring new dad – Rohit Reddy (investment banker and spouse to actress Anita Hassanandani – Pregakem Brand Ambassador), the campaign thought was conceived by Anvis Digital in collaboration with Alkem laboratories.

Fatherhood Ka Funda is the second phase of the campaign after the success of the Mother’s Day film featuring Anita Hassanandani.

Making his video debut with the campaign, Rohit added, “When I first heard the script, I instantly fell in love with it. I could relate to it to a great extent, plus making it a rap sounded super-cool. I’m sure it will hit home to all dads.”

The video features Rohit with his adorable son Aaravv and also has a surprise cameo by Anita Hassanandani. While it touches some sensitive spots, the execution style and narration make it a super-fun watch that one would want to share with friends and even sing in the shower, perhaps.

The brand is also running a challenge on their Instagram page asking viewers to record themselves rapping ‘Fatherhood ka Fundaa’ to get featured and win exciting prizes.