PM Modi lauds MPs for choosing duty amid Covid-19 as monsoon session begins


Prime Minister Narendra Modi wished for a productive monsoon session of Parliament and lauded the parliamentarians to choose duty at the time of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Parliament session is beginning in distinct times. There’s corona and there’s duty. MPs chose the path to duty. I congratulate and express gratitude to them. This time Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha will be held at different times in a day. It’ll be held on Saturdays and Sundays too. All MPs accepted this,” PM Modi said as he reached Parliament on Monday.

He highlighted that the pandemic has led to changes in schedule and had also led to premature end to Budget Session of Parliament.

The Prime Minister said there should not be laxity till the time a Covid-19 vaccine is ready. “We want that a vaccine be developed at the earliest from any corner of the world, our scientists succeed and we succeed in bringing everyone out of this problem,” PM Modi said.

Talking about legislative business, he said, “Several important discussions will be held during this session. I believe that more discussions undertaken during the session in Lok Sabha benefits the nation. I believe all of us MPs will add value to these discussions.”

PM Modi also spoke about the Line of Actual Control (LAC) standoff in Ladakh. He appealed to parliamentarians across political parties to ensure that the soldiers who are braving the hard climate conditions should be backed by a unified voice. He appealed all countrymen to stand behind soldiers in Ladakh who are trying to thwart Chinese aggression at the LAC.