Ahead of Gujarat assembly polls, Congress has expressed confidence in winning the elections stating that the people of Gujarat want a change this time after a 27-year-long rule by the BJP.

Deputy Leader of the Congress in the Lok Sabha Gaurav Gogoi told  that he is quite excited to wait for the results and for the final votes to be counted because this time the people of Gujarat are going to “vote for a change”.

“I am quite confident that, the people of Gujarat are going to vote for a change this time. I am seeing the size of rallies that are taking place in Gujarat in the Congress sabhas, and meetings. I am quite excited to wait for the results and wait for the final votes to be counted. Because this time the people of Gujarat are going to vote for a change,” Gaurav Gogoi said.

The Congress MP further said that there will be a two-party contest in Gujarat between BJP and Congress and people are wanting a change this time.
“For the last so many years the people have only seen a BJP government in Gujurat and still, there are issues in healthcare and education. So, therefore there is temporarily going to be a Congress wave in Gujarat,” Gaurav Gogoi said.

Hitting out at the BJP government over the Morbi bridge collapse incident, the Congress MP said that, in Gujarat, we have all seen how the main culprits behind the Morbi bridge collapse are being protected.

“Why the government is keeping silent on the owner and the proprietor of the private company, on the officials in the civic body who had a nexus with this private company? Even now, there has been no significant arrest or steps made in the Morbi bridge collapse where more than 100 people and close to 47 children have lost their lives. It is because of the corrupt BJP government which is protected and patronized by Prime Minister Modi. People will vote out the BJP in the upcoming Gujarat elections,” Gaurav Gogoi said.

The Gujarat assembly election is scheduled to be held on December 1 and 5 this year in two phases. The counting of votes will take place on December 8. (ANI)