The rise in militant attacks in Pakistan reached the highest point in August 2021, according to a study which stated that this spike coincided with the Taliban’s offensive that started in May last year.

This research, conducted by the Pakistan Institute for Conflict and Security Study (PICSS), said that the highest number of attacks in a single month in 2021 was recorded in August when 45 attacks were carried out by militants.

The institute said in its report said the overall number of militant attacks could not drop despite a one-month ceasefire from November 10 to December 10, Dawn newspaper reported.
The Pakistan publication said that the average number of militant attacks per month in Pakistan rose from 16 in 2020 to 25 in 2021, which was the highest after 2017.

The database highlighted that Balochistan is the most turbulent province where 170 deaths were recorded in 103 attacks. According to the report, the highest number of injured were also reported from Balochistan where more than 50 percent of the total injured were recorded.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was the second most affected region next to Balochistan, the report said.
A total of 15 militant attacks were recorded in Sindh province in which 23 people were killed and 29 injured. Meanwhile, in Punjab province, militants carried out 10 attacks in which 10 people were killed and 87 injured.
Experts are wary of Pakistan’s role in Afghanistan, publicly supporting an end to the regional conflict but ultimately undermining any kind of peace that interferes with the self-interest of its leaders.

They warn that such an act could backfire on Pakistan, especially on its military and intelligence establishment. (ANI)