Corona in the state has started increasing once again. In view of the worrying situation, the Dhami government of the state has imposed strict restrictions. Night curfew has been extended in the state. Orders have also been issued for strict action against those who roam without masks.

Under the new guideline, now shops in the state will be able to open only from 6 am to 10 pm. Night curfew will be in force from 10 pm to 6 am. During this, there will be no restriction on emergency health and other essential services.

Health services, petrol pumps, LPG gas, generation of electricity, post office, internet service, storage houses, state transport traffic, movement of goods vehicles, railway stations, airports, taxis, Vikram, autos, industrial units from the ban of night curfew has been kept free.

Necessary instructions have also been issued for those coming from outside. No permission will be given to enter the state without RT-PCR report. People coming from outside the state will have to show a certificate of covid vaccination at the border or a covid negative report within 72 hours.

Apart from this, common people will no longer be able to buy vegetables and fruits directly from the vegetable market. The entry of common people has been banned in the vegetable market.

Children up to 10 years, elderly people up to 65 years of age and pregnant women have been advised to avoid unnecessary movement. Along with this, it will be mandatory to apply mask in public places and strictness will be taken in this matter. Apart from these rules, other rules have been kept as before.