On the second day of ‘Kukur Tihar’ festival in Nepal on Wednesday, dogs were worshipped and provided with a special feast.

The festival is dedicated to celebrate dogs who are regarded as the guardian and messenger of ‘Yama’, who is the lord of death.

The dogs are worshipped by people in a bid to please the Yama. The occasion is also known as the “Yama Panchak”. These dogs are offered garlands, bread and are worshipped with vermilion powder and flowers.

The Rigveda, one of the Vedas in Hindu religion, Samara- the mother of dogs assists Indra, the ruler of heaven in retrieving stolen cattle.

In Central Dog Training School in Kathmandu, the dogs were conferred with garlands and medals for their special contribution to security.

“Whenever some event or incidents happens, these dogs help us in solving the cases,” Deuti Gurung, Senior Superintendent of Nepal Police informed.

“Dogs help solve the issues of murders by leading to the culprits. We attribute it as our success,” Gurung added

.Amongst the 80 dogs in the training school, one of the dogs was conferred with the title of ‘Dog of the Year’ on the basis of its role in solving several cases. The dog training school has also brought dogs from abroad who are trained here for investigation purposes.

The dogs in the school have also played a crucial role in rescuing and finding the survivors buried beneath the rubbles

“Dogs also protect you from being depressed and makes feel like there’s always someone who is for you. They give a sense of happiness no matter what the situation is,” Samjhana Karki, one of the residents of Kathmandu told ANI.

In the Hindu epic Mahabharat, Yudhistir’s refusal to enter heaven without his devoted dog represents the concept of Dharma and the path of righteousness. (ANI)