Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee President Navjot Singh Sidhu has hit out at the Centre over “skyrocketing prices” of fuel prices and said that the inflation has been unjustified and unfair to its people causing distress to the people.

Addressing a rally here on Sunday, Sidhu said, “BJP is responsible for skyrocketing prices. Petrol/diesel has increased from Rs 50 to Rs 100, LPG cylinder has increased from Rs 400 to Rs 900, dal prices have doubled in last 5 years, edible oil prices have increased by over 5 times, but have wages of daily labourers increased?”

The PPCC President further highlighted the concern for education and employment opportunities in Punjab and said it is time to “rise from the ashes to provide the right of education” to the children.

“Education and employment opportunities remain the centre of concern for the entire state of Punjab. With immense damage done by the Akalis and NDA Government by post-matric scholarship scam, making universities and colleges for illegal businesses of fake scholarships, student registrations, it’s time to challenge the system and rise from the ashes to provide the right of education to our children and future of Punjab,” he said.
Punjab is slated to go to Assembly polls this year. (ANI)