Tuesday, March 2

Momos, biryani, pizza: That’s what India ordered the most on Zomato in 2020


Looking back at 2020, It has been an interesting year, particularly when it came to food and household chores. With the whole world going into a lockdown, most people who have never even fried an egg in their lives had to step into the kitchen to sustain themselves.

However, once restrictions eased and food delivery options stepped in – there was no stopping anyone. And far as India is concerned, our orders seem to be quite set.

Momos, biryani and pizzas were the most ordered dishes across the country and the gulab jamun was India’s favourite dessert, according to Zomato’s 2020 rewind.

Pizza orders on Zomato went up from 4.5 lakhs in May 2020 to more than 17 lakhs in November 2020, and someone from Jalgaon, Maharashtra ordered 369 pizzas this year.

How many pizzas did you order this year?
How many pizzas did you order this year? (Zomato)

Biryani, and NOT pulao, was the most ordered dish in 2020, like it was in 2019 and Zomato says that they have delivered 22 biryani orders every minute this year.

Excuse me, what is veg biryani?
Excuse me, what is veg biryani? (Zomato )

However, here’s where it hurts, there were 1,988,094 orders for veg biryani. Excuse me while I cry into my salan.

Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Pune were also obsessed with momos and Zomarto says more than 2.5 million momo orders were placed in 2020. Also, Delhi alone ordered more momos than the other three cities combined – we get it Delhi, we get it!

And over one lakh orders were placed for gulab jamun over the Diwali week with Mumbai leading from the front.

While some of us were in the kitchen battling over banana bread and Dalgona coffee, some people decided that they were having none of that! One Yash, from Bengaluru, placed 1,380 orders on Zomato this year.

Not everyone likes to cook!
Not everyone likes to cook! (Zomato )

Going by Zomato’s year in rewind, the most expensive order placed was worth 1,99,950 and the person placing the order availed a discount of 66,650. The smallest order placed this year was worth 10.01 with a discount of 39.99.

And 414 people also searched for bat soup on Zomato this year, just saying.

Darjeeling beat every other city, including the metros, in the amount spent on every order. The average order value in Darjeeling was almost 500.

One of the biggest heroes this year was definitely the food delivery agents and Zomato users have been kind enough to dole out tips. Mumbai was the most generous of all the cities and gave tips worth 4.6 crores this year, closely followed by Goa where 20 people gave back 2,000 in tips.