Garuda Aerospace, a startup under the ‘Make in India’ campaign is manufacturing 1000 drones for the agriculture sector that would be launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Drones will help farmers optimize both farm productivity and profitability.

The startup is aiming to help farmers to move past the manual spraying of pesticides, water, fertilizer on crops in order to save time, water, resources and to boost the agriculture industry.

“Our founder met with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, presented him with our plan to manufacture 1000 drones next month. He (PM) agreed to launch the event…With the help of drones, we’ll be able to save time, water, resources and get past manual spraying,” said Ram Kumar, Vice President, Garuda Aerospace

“Spraying through drones has many advantages first is spraying manually takes three to four hours to cover an acre but by using a drone, it’s just like 10 minutes. It reduces the water, pesticides used per acre,” said Ram Kumar, Vice President, Garuda Aerospace.

The use of drones will help timely protection of crops from pests, save time for crop scouting, reduce overall cost in farm production, and secure high yield and quality crops (ANI)