The Maharashtra government on Friday approved a proposal to cap the charges for treatment of black fungus or mucormycosis patients at private hospitals based on where the person is situated.

As per the government’s notification, there are three different charges for the ward and ICU isolation categories in private hospitals.

For ‘A-Class cities’, mucormycosis treatment rates would be Rs 4,000 per day, for ‘B class cities it will be 3,000 per day, and for ‘C class cities’ the rates will be Rs 2,400 per day in a general ward.

Charges for treatment at ICU without a ventilator, for ‘A-Class cities’, rates would be Rs 7500 per day, for ‘B class cities’ they will be 5500 per day, and for ‘C class cities’ the rates will be Rs 4500 per day in a general ward.
However, the charges for treatment in ICU with ventilator would be Rs 9,000 in ‘A-Class cities’, Rs 6,700 in ‘B class cities’ and Rs 5,400 in ‘C class cities’.

Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray-led government has excluded PPE rates, and hospital could charge Rs 600 maximum per patient per day staying in the ward. The PPE charges would be Rs 1,200 for patients admitted to ICU. “Any charge more than this towards PPE needs to be justified,” the government added.

Moreover, patients will have to pay extra for high-end drugs like immunoglobulins, Meropenem, Parenteral Nutrition, Remdesivir, Flavipiravir, Antifungals, Tocilizumab, and hospitals can charge a maximum of 110 percent of Net procurement rate

High-end investigations like CT scan, MRI, PET scan, or any lab investigations are also not included in the prescribed rates and can be charged at rack rates of hospitals.

“Visit by a Specialist (Neurologist, ENT, Ophthalmologist, Maxillofacial surgeon, etc.) apart from physician/intensivist– each visit will incur Rs 500 per visit,” the notification added.

The government has warned the doctors of possible penal action if healthcare service or healthcare package is denied to patients.

The notification has asked hospitals that if at a later date it is found that extra charges have been levied then the excess amount shall be reimbursed to the patient and has asked all the District Collectors and Municipal Commissioners to appoint auditors in hospitals/facilities to ensure the issuance of pre-audited bills to each and every patient and its relatives. (ANI)