Madhya Pradesh: Man kills wife and daughter, cuts bodies into 22 pieces


A 35-year-old man allegedly killed his wife he accused of infidelity in a fit of rage after an argument before strangling their one-year-old daughter and chopping their bodies into 22 pieces in Madhya Pradesh’s Rewa district, a police officer said.

Chindalal Saket, the accused, was arrested on Friday when he was allegedly trying to dispose of the bodies.

Rewa police superintendent Rakesh Singh said Saket allegedly killed his 30-year-old wife by slitting her throat with a sharp-edged weapon and strangled their daughter on Wednesday night. “He cut the bodies into at least 22 pieces and covered it in a piece of cloth. He cleaned the room where he killed them. He pretended to be normal and interacted with villagers throughout the day on Thursday.” Singh said he ignored the villagers’ queries about his wife and daughter, who had not been seen for a day.

Singh said villagers stopped Saket and asked him what was he carrying in the cloth as the bodies had started stinking when he left home on Thursday night to throw them in a forest. “He tried to dodge them but villagers caught him and checked the cloth where they found the pieces.”

The villagers informed the police. “He confessed to his crime on Friday. He told police that his first wife died by suicide eight years ago. He later married his brother’s widow. Saket is suffering from Tuberculosis and the second wife worked as a farm labourer to earn money. Saket suspected her of infidelity. On Wednesday night, they fought over an issue and later he killed her. Her daughter was crying so he killed her too.”

He was produced before a court on Friday that sent him to judicial custody.

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