The universe is full of innumerable wonders. Humans have been curious for a long time to know its secrets. With the help of new technology and advanced technology, NASA scientists have seen something in space, which was never seen before.

He has drawn a unique picture of the universe. NASA’s new Space Telescope James Webb has captured the deepest, clearest and most colorful infrared photo of the early Universe, possibly showing a view of the universe as far back as 13 billion years ago.

Countless stars and thousands of galaxies are visible in this photo released by US President Joe Biden at the White House. Glimpses of a very distant faint galaxy are also visible in it.

This picture also contains two pictures of a giant gaseous planet and nebula outside our solar system. Nebula is the place where stars are born and die. Apart from this, 5 dense galaxies are also seen around each other.

This is the first such picture, in which a person has managed to see the sight of such a distance and for so long. The telescope is believed to have captured parts of the light that came out after the Big Bang 13.8 billion years ago.

This picture, taken with the $10 billion James Webb Space Telescope, has been named “Deep Field”. It took 12.5 hours for the telescope to take this picture. This has given a new perspective to the person engaged in getting information about the ends of the universe.

NASA’s James Webb Telescope is the largest and most powerful space telescope in the world. It was launched last year from French Guiana, USA. In January, it had reached 1.6 million kilometers away from Earth.

Going there, its equipment was started. It has a 21-foot gold-plated flower-like mirror, which is the largest and most sensitive mirror ever sent into space. It has 18 segments.