Monday, March 8

Key points of PM Modi launches Covid-19 vaccine drive in India


Key points of PM Modi launches Covid-19 vaccine drive in India:

  • The vaccines are living proof of India’s talent and scientific capabilities.
  • India’s vaccination programme is based on humanitarian principles. Our doctors, nurses, medical and paramedical staff are eligible to get the vaccine before others.
  • For the preparation of this vaccination, we have conducted trials, dry runs in states with the help of the state government.
  • Two doses of corona vaccine are absolutely essential. Don’t make the mistake of not taking the second dose. Two weeks after the second dose, you will develop the power to combat corona.
  • The way you remained patient during the war with covid, you must show the same patience in the vaccination.
  • More than 100 countries in India have less than 3 crore population. And India is vaccinating 3 crore people in the first stage of vaccination only.
  • There are just 3 countries in the world with more than 30 crore population. That’s why India’s vaccination programme is so big. This shows why vaccination exhibits India’s strength.
  • Only when our scientists are assured of the power of vaccine, they gave permission for emergency use. People must stay away from rumors.
  • We have credibility. We have earned this credibility from our track record. India produces 60% of vaccines given to children in the world. Our vaccines are made in tried and tested methods.
  • These vaccines will give defining victory in the war against covid.
  • Indian vaccines are cheaper than foreign vaccines. There are some vaccines with each dose costing 5,000 and also require a minus 70 degree Celsius temperature for storage.
  • We have never lost self-confidence even in the face of a big crisis.
  • When Covid-19 came, there was just one covid testing lab. Now, we have more than 2300 labs.
  • Atmavishwas and Atmanirbharta are empowering our vaccination drive as well.
  • When we look at the past year, we have learned and seen a lot. Now, when India launches vaccination, I also recall those days.
  • As much as we think about those days, we become sad. But in those days of crisis, there were people who put their lives in danger to save us. Our doctors, nurses, paramedic, ambulance drivers, police, Asha-workers, and other frontline workers. They gave priority to their duties. Many of them stayed away from their families didn’t go home. There are many friends who will never return home. They sacrificed their lives to save us.
  • By giving the first vaccine to healthcare workers, this is a homage from our nation.
  • No one ever could imagine a pandemic like a coronavirus. Neither science nor society could have imagined covid.
  • Many experts were apprehensive of India. They saw our large population as a problem, but we took the right decisions at right time.
  • India had made a high-level committee even before the first case came to India. The first advisory came on January 17. The first country to start screening of passengers in airports.
  • Janta curfew mentally prepared the country for lockdown. The best way to tackle Covid-19 was to keep people wherever they are.
  • We knew it was difficult to keep such a large population inside the home. We knew what will be the impact on the economy. But we treaded on jaan hai to jahan hai formula.
  • We set examples before the world. When some countries left their citizens in China, India expatriated its own people and also other countries.
  • There are many districts where no one died due to covid.
  • The world is looking at us with hope. Many countries will benefit from our experience. We are committed to help humanity with our vaccines.
  • The vaccine as well as safety must continue.