Thiruvananthapuram Corporation demolished the controversial bus shelter near the engineering college, Chavadimukku for constructing a gender-neutral bus shelter.

The corporation demolished the bus shelter last Friday with police protection. The bus shelter became controversial after local people had split the long seat in which three people can sit. The seat was split into three.

Students protested by posting photos that girls sitting on the lap of boys. Students alleged that they were facing moral policing on the part of some local people. After that, there were discussions supporting both sides.

Mayor Arya Rajendran visited the students and offered her support. The young mayor offered a gender-neutral bus stop. Later the residents made some renovations to the bus shelter and wrote that this bus shelter can be used as a bus station only and students cannot come and sit there.

The Municipal Corporation demolished the renewed bus shelter and Mayor Arya Rajendran told, “The construction of a new gender-neutral bus shelter will start soon. The design of the bus shelter is in the final stage and once it is completed, the work will be finished in two-weeks time.”

The Mayor said, “The residents association’s construction was illegal and the discrimination towards students cannot be accepted.”

One of the students named Arjun told ANI that they are happy with the movement from the corporation and waiting for the new bus stop.

“After this controversy, everything was going normal and students were busy with examinations. After that, the residential association started their own way of renovation. They have made writing that it can be used only as a bus station and students cannot come and sit here. During that time the Mayor had come here and she offered a new bus stop. Now she cleared the resident’s associations bus stop and we are waiting for the new bus stop,” Arjun said. (ANI)