Kedarnath: Forest Department orders aviation companies to fly


The Kedarnath Forest Division has instructed aviation companies to fly their helicopters at 600 meters above ground level in the wildlife sanctuary areas to protect the animals from disturbance, according to Forest Department.
The Forest Department has instructed the helicopter companies coming from Kedarnath Dham to the Badrinath Dham of Panchkadar, to ensure helicopter flies at an altitude of more than 600 meters in sanctuary areas.
In the past, complaints of helicopters flying at a very low altitude in the Bugyalas of Tungnath and Rudranath were made to the Forest Department.
Aviation companies operating under Kedarnath Forest Division from Kedarnath Dham in Bugyal areas have been strictly warned not to fly helicopters at low altitude.
Amit Kanwar, Deputy Forest Conservator of Kedarnath Forest Division, said that the helicopters that operate near the Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary were studied by the Wildlife Institute of India. “The helicopters must fly in a way that the wildlife does not face any kind of problem. Despite the instructions, if the helicopter companies do not follow rules, then action will be taken against the company concerned under the Wildlife Act,” Kanwar told ANI. (ANI)

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