The animal husbandry department of Karnataka has decided not to catch and shift street dogs to shelter houses in Bengaluru after residents of the city shared their opinion not to remove dogs from the streets.

The Department of animal husbandry clarified its previous order and said street dogs will remain on the streets of Bengaluru.
The department in its order in which it said that dogs will be shifted to shelter houses after many complaints by the residents in Bengaluru clarified that BBMP, the animal husbandry department decided not to shift dogs from Bengaluru.

Minister Prabhu B Chauhan has clarified that after the consultation of the officials of the concerned department and BBMP, it has been decided not to remove dogs from the streets, and also decided to “vaccinate dogs” wherever they are.
Animal husbandry Minister Prabhu B Chauhan held a meeting with BBMP and the department of animal husbandry discussed and decided to vaccinate them with “infertility and against rabies”.

Citing the importance of infertility in street dogs, animal Husbandry and BBMP decided to vaccinate more than 400 dogs every day.

“Proper direction will be given to BBMP and concerned department officials to give vaccination, treatment, antibiotic vaccines and sheltering them in their localities,” said Chauhan.

“No direction will be given to catch them or shift dogs from the places. Nor street dogs be removed from the Bengaluru streets,” said the Animal husbandry department order. (ANI)