Recently the Government of Jammu and Kashmir announced an amnesty scheme for domestic electricity consumers in which the interest incurred due to non-payment of electricity bills on time is waived off along with the penalty.
The electricity sector in Jammu and Kashmir is suffering from many problems, in which non-payment of monthly electricity bills for years creates a massive difference in expenses and income. Non-payment also includes large commercial houses, institutions, factories and business units.
Despite being in deficit in terms of revenue, the government has recently announced an amnesty scheme for domestic electricity consumers in which the interest incurred due to non-payment of electricity bills on time is waived as well as a penalty.

The charges that were to be taken are also waived.
Moreover, this decision has brought a lot of relief to the domestic consumers but this is the last chance given to the consumers. The outstanding principal amount accrued after deducting one hundred per cent interest/surcharge till March 31, 2022, shall be paid in maximum instalments of twelve months.

Failure to do so will invite penalty and legal action under the Electricity Act 2010, in addition to recovery of compound interest on outstanding dues.
Meanwhile, the business community is also demanding that they should be given such relaxation in paying electricity rent. People say that the one-time ‘amnesty’ facility should be extended to all sections but with the condition that bills are paid on time in future so that the power sector does not face a financial crisis due to electricity consumption.
Such initiatives are greatly helping the citizens and resolving long-standing issues/ disputes between the power company and the people of Jammu and Kashmir. (ANI)