Instagram Threads app for ‘close friends’ now lets you message everyone


Remember Threads, the messaging app Instagram launched only for close friends? You can now chat with all your Instagram contacts on Threads. In a new update for Threads, Instagram has added another tab for messages with everyone else other than your close friends.

The new update for Threads was spotted by reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong, and social media consultant Matt Navara. The app now has two tabs where one is dedicated for messages with close friends, and the other for everyone else. With the latest update you can basically access all your Instagram DMs while having a separate one for close friends.

Threads also lets users set up status updates on the app. Based on your location you can update your status to ‘on the move’, ‘at home’ and ‘at the gym’. Your status update will still remain visible only to your close friends list.

It’s quite confusing seeing how Instagram has added the ability to message everyone else on the Threads app. The whole point of launching Threads as Instagram highlighted was for a separate space to connect with close friends. The app offers everything you get on Instagram’s DM. You can see story replies, and view posts without having to leave the app.

Threads is also another Snapchat-inspired app as it opens to the camera. You can send photos and videos to your frequently contacted close friends from a shortcuts tab placed at the bottom. You can also customise the shortcuts tab by adding and removing close friends. All these features were centered around exclusive communication with close friends.

The new update comes shortly after Instagram made its merger with Messenger official. Instagram users can now chat with their Messenger friends within the app and vice versa.

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