Indian developers complain about fake apps on Play Store


Google Play Store is marred by many issues and fake apps is one of them. Now, the company is facing backlash from Indian app developers who are complaining that the tech giant is delaying taking down the fake apps from its platform.

Chingari founder Sumit Ghosh in a statement to The Economic Times has said that the Play Store is full of malicious apps that pose as Chingari. Some of these fake apps also have 50,000 to 1,000 downloads. The developers of the Chingari have reportedly complained about the issue to the developers several times and yet the tech giant has failed to take down the malicious apps from its platform.

“We’re missing ou on downloads,” he told the publication.

Similarly, the co-founder of nCore Games, the company that launched FAU-G after PUBG was banned in India, said that the number of fake apps run into pages on the Play Store. He also said that Google has so far refused to respond.

But Chingari and FAU-G founders are not the only ones complaining. Founder of Indus app store, Rakesh Dekhmukh has alleged that Google Play Store doesn’t allow Android users to download any other app store on their smartphone. Furthermore, he says that when the app directs users towards the APK, Play Store shows a warning sign. He now wants the government to intervene and make it a level playing field.

Indus is planning to approach the Competition Commission of India if it gets positive feedback from the government.

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