The Morning Consult survey was held between 26 January to 31 January. Morning Consult conducts over 20,000 global interviews per day. The data created about the global leader is prepared on the basis of the answers received in the interview.

Its sample size in America is 45,000 thousand. On the other hand, the sample size of other countries is between 500 to 5000. On the second spot after PM Modi is Mexican President Lopez Obrador. His approval rating is 68 percent.

The latest survey by Morning Consult has shown that PM Modi stands tall among all global leaders with a huge approval rating of 78 percent.

PM Modi has left behind world leaders from 22 countries in terms of popularity as per the latest rating. These leaders include US President Joe Bide and French President Emmanuel Macron.

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese is at the third spot with an approval rating of 58 percent. Albanese is said to be the first Italian-origin prime minister of Australia. He is the first Australian prime minister to have a non-Anglo-Celtic surname.