The National Security Guard (NSG) will procure surveillance robots to reduce human intervention and provide seamless surveillance in a hazardous environment where continuous supervision and security are necessary.

According to a document , the 13 four-wheeled day and night robots will be procured by the NSG. The robots will have easy manoeuvrability through a remote control and instantaneous audio and video reconnaissance within indoor and outdoor environments.

These robots will be equipped with 360-degree cameras with infrared that can easily detect objects and the presence of a human in and around them. The robots will have a feature of manoeuvrability in a variety of rough terrain and will have to self-right properly when flipped over. These robots are capable of recording real-time streaming in the daytime and nighttime as well through wireless cameras. The movements of robots will be controlled manually at the user’s end. It should overcome curves and a small turning radius, the document reads.

A senior official said that they are reducing human intervention in hazardous places by introducing technology.

The surveillance can be done and monitored remotely. These robots will be small in size and can penetrate more into the hazardous zone. NSG is also procuring 10 two-wheeled day and night robots for surveillance purposes. The induction of the robots will overcome the limitations of humans. (ANI)