Senior Samajwadi Party leader Ram Gopal Yadav on Tuesday criticized BJP and alleged the rival party was continuously misusing the central agencies against the opposition parties.
Addressing reporters here Yadav said, “BJP continuously misuses the CBI, the ED and other institutions. There are several instances in which nothing has been found but still such actions are taken to defame opposition among the people”.
The SP leader further stated that there will be an increase in raids with Lok Sabha 2024 elections drawing close.
“As the elections of 2024 draw near, there will be no opposition leader left who is not raided by income tax,” He said.
He pointed out that BJP needs to learn lessons from the past while drawing parallel comparisons between the current BJP and how Indira Gandhi treated the opposition.

Yadav said “Indira Gandhi had made everyone go, even at that time there was no opposition leader left to campaign. When the elections came, Indira ji did not get any seat except the Chhindwara seat of Madhya Pradesh. These people do not want to learn anything from history. No one can stay in power by misusing power. You can stay in power by winning people’s hearts. Threatening them, demolishing their houses, putting people close to them in jails, and encountering them this way people cannot be suppressed.”
The SP leader mentioned that there is no democracy left in the country and Samajwadi Party will fight to keep the democracy alive.
In this regard, he said “It is not written in any law of India that if a person’s name comes in a case, then that person’s house should be demolished. Democracy is completely finished in the country.”
“Netaji Mulayam Singh Yadav had said that whatever struggle has to be done to keep democracy alive we should do it. No need to bow down before anyone. Dr Lohia also stated struggle in the fight against oppression is our slogan. If the urge is strong, we will fight even if we have to go to jail,” he added.
Speaking to reporters, Yadav also stated that police will kill one of Atiq Ahmed’s sons in fake encounter as they are pressurized from the top in the Umesh Pal murder case.
“When they are not getting actual culprits, they are under pressure from the top. They will kill whoever they can find…They nabbed Atiq Ahmed’s two sons, one of them will be killed in a few days…You will see,” said Yadav.
“When our Constitution gives the fundamental right to live, then you cannot take someone’s life. There is no other way than the legal way. People can be killed in encounters but after the arrest, if they are killed in encounters, then it is a punishable offence,” he added. (ANI)