‘Ibrahim wants to be an actor, Taimur will be an actor for sure’: Saif


Actor Saif Ali Khan has said that he would like for both his sons — Taimur and Ibrahim — to follow in his footsteps and join the film industry. Ibrahim is Saif and Amrita Singh’s son. Saif is also expecting his second child with wife Kareena Kapoor Khan.

In an appearance on Jacqueline Fernandez and Amanda Cerny’s podcast, recorded recently in Dharamshala, Amanda asked Saif to give a brief description about his family’s history in the arts. Saif told Amanda, while Jacqueline gushed about Taimur, that his mother Sharmila Tagore’s side of the family is related to Rabindranath Tagore and a long line of artists and painters.

He said, “My mother’s been doing films since she was 16. She worked with Satyajit Ray a lot, and did about four or five movies with him. She was his muse, and he thought of her as the ultimate female representation of his art.”

Saif continued, “My sister is kind of in the movies, my wife, my ex-wife as well… So all of us. My daughter, my elder son wants to be an actor, and I think Taimur will be an actor for sure, he’s entertaining us already.”

Previously, in an interview to Spotboye, Saif had said, “Ibrahim seems prepared for a career in acting. And why not? I’d like all my children to be in this profession. It is the best place to work in. I remember at 17-18 I was a mess. Acting saved me from self-destruction. Having the job, the sense of identity it has given me and the job satisfaction and the enjoyment it has given me are more than I could ask for.”

He was earlier asked if he is planning to launch Ibrahim. “I don’t know if I will launch him. It’s an option and films are certainly a viable career choice for him. He’s sporty and likes the idea of being in the movies rather than pursuing an academic job. No one in the family, with the exception of his sister (Sara Ali Khan), have been interested in the latter anyway,” he told Mumbai Mirror.

He had said that his only advice to his son was to be well prepared. “It’s a different universe now, with different benchmarks. I would tell him to be well prepared and choose his films carefully.”

In an interview to Bollywood Hungama, Saif had said that he hopes for Taimur to become an actor too. He’d said, “I hope he finds a nice job when he grows up”, adding, “I hope he keeps it up on the Friday of his first release. I’d like him to be an actor.”

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