The Moon spends the day in your solar second house, dear Aries, and you’re paying more attention to the practical side of your life. Still, your innovative nature is breaking free today, and you seem to need to do things a little differently, bringing new energy to your routines or material world. While this transit encourages you to get comfortable, your idea of what’s comfortable is changing these days. However, it may not be easy to unwind fully. It may be that you’re trying to do too much at once. As well, watch for impulse buys, opting instead to spruce things up in constructive ways.


The Moon spends the day in your sign, dear Taurus, giving you a nice shot in the arm of emotional energy and initiative. Nevertheless, you can be somewhat restless if you’re not sure where to direct your energy. If you can tap into it, you can move mountains, but you may not have the luxury to go at the pace you want. Emotions are immediate and at the surface, and it isn’t easy to follow the rules or directions. It may be best to put effort into personal plans or projects that require strong but not necessarily long-term effort. If you’re allowed some space, the day can play very much in your favor.


You gravitate to activities that renew or refresh you today with the Moon in your solar twelfth house all day, dear Gemini. Something from your past can pop in today and surprise you. Consider that it’s best to take your time with decision-making at this time of the lunar cycle when emotional recharging is so vital. Your intuitive, compassionate side is in emphasis. For best results now, aim to work on letting go of the things you no longer need and take your time processing or digesting recent experiences. It’s a time for building your inner strength and pay attention to the intangible or spiritual realms.


The Moon spends today and part of tomorrow in your sector of dreams, plans, and connections, dear Cancer, motivating you to pursue your happiness goals. Exploring your inventive or rebellious side can be appealing, but it’s a good idea not to push this too hard. Pushing the usual boundaries and seeking something a little different can be satisfying. You are likely to take things a lot less seriously as the day advances. Keeping an open mind and your options open can invite positive, interesting experiences. Certainly, you’re connecting with different needs on a social level.


You seek some change, inspiration, or a breath of fresh air today, dear Leo, and it’s best to watch for impatience on that front. Instead, let these things come to you. You can be playing with different ways of presenting yourself, pursuing your goals, and handling your work and responsibilities. Others or a relationship may seem to stand in the way of your dreams, but it’s temporary. Avoid weighing yourself down with too many ventures or tasks, as you need some creative room at this time in your life, particularly regarding your life path or career pursuits.


The Moon continues its transit of your spirit sector today, dear Virgo, encouraging your desire to explore and discover. It’s a time of the lunar month when you seek a little more meaning in your life. Unfortunately, there is some tendency to feel a bit hemmed in or frustrated by restrictions early today. Don’t allow the frustration of indecision to lead you to jump into something impulsively. Indeed, traditional methods or views can be hard to take right now, and you may want to argue a point in an attempt to open others’ minds. This may not be worth it, but as the day advances, you find it easier to follow your inspiration without distraction.


You’re more involved with others or approachable today, dear Libra, with the Moon’s transit of your partnership sector. You could feel a little dependent on others right now, but mainly in a pleasant, connected way. While you may prefer to go with the flow than make waves today, there can be some rising tensions to manage, and they’re likely to do with power or control as Mars and Pluto clash. You may feel caught in the middle. There may also be tricky issues with family and authority figures to deal with now. Everyone seems to want their way, and few are conceding, which leads to rather tense scenarios.


Mercury begins its transit of the sector of your solar chart that rules heart, home, and family, dear Scorpio. Thought processes are inward and intuitive during this cycle that lasts until March 15th. There can be a lot to learn about (or through) family and close loved ones in the weeks ahead. Thoughts and conversations often turn to domestic affairs, family concerns, or the past. You are not as communicative in the outside world, and you may not feel quite as understood or “heard” at this time. You may be a little more guarded than usual with your thoughts and ideas. However, it’s another story in your person