Sunday, April 18

Here is your horoscope for 6 Jan 2021


The Moon heads into your partnership sector for a couple of days, dear Aries. Others positively influence you, gently egging you on to take action or do something interesting. Shared activities thrive. While today you’re not entirely as independent as you are on other days, cooperation comes easily right now, and it works in your favor! While you’re giving a lot of thought to your career and the path it’s taking, today is about examining and analyzing, but not to the point of stressing yourself out. You’re likely to feel quite directed and purposeful. Focusing on the positive side of your goals as inspiration can be useful now. A Mercury-Venus parallel keeps things pleasant, open, and friendly, making it an excellent day for both work and play.


The Moon heads into your sector of joy for a couple of days, dear Gemini, and this transit is about coming out of your shell. Feelings are a little more dramatic, mostly in a pleasant way, and games or diversions appeal more than usual. With the Moon’s trine to Saturn and then Jupiter, you might thoroughly enjoy the planning or mapping out of details stage of a venture. You are active but pacing yourself, and this is ideal. You are especially open with talking about, or analyzing, very personal matters, although you can be a little detached about it all. It’s a good time to clarify your goals in a partnership or see your own needs from others more clearly.


The Moon moves into the sector of home and family in your solar chart today, dear Cancer, encouraging you to slow down and get some extra time for quiet and comfortable activities for a couple of days. You may be more reflective than usual, or you prefer familiar faces and spaces. Nevertheless, today’s energies are strong for supportive friendships or collaborations. Others are cooperative, and conversations about relationships and personal beliefs can be inspiring and satisfying. It’s a fine time to make plans that are practical and reasonable. You’re managing your time well today, and a moderate pace becomes you.


Today’s Full Moon occurs in your sign, dear Cancer, pulling you and your feelings into the spotlight — you are in demand! Facing feelings that you’ve brushed aside, buried, or otherwise ignored can figure strongly. Knowing what’s in your heart will be empowering, although it’s important to take some time to process your revelations now. You don’t need to have a plan set in stone for going after what you want just yet–today is about connecting with your heart. Let time tell and allow things to unfold naturally rather than succumb to pressure. Aim to let go of unhealthy attachments. Although there is some tendency to idealize others or romanticize situations, you may need a break from the usual routine. There has been more attention to your relationships recently, and if this has been to the point of imbalance, circumstances now remind you to take care of your own emotional needs.


People in your life are more likely to connect or speak up today, dear Leo. Consider that underlying matters can complicate what seem to be positive communications. There’s a tendency now to live in the mind and not necessarily speak from the heart. Keep a happy frame of mind. You can resolve many problems through brainstorming and analysis, and it can help to analyze feelings or affections from time to time. You’re likely to feel directed and motivated as the Moon harmonizes with Jupiter and Saturn. These transits help you see the benefits of taking things quietly and moderately. Your expectations and confidence are realistic.


Today’s Full Moon can awaken you to your feelings about someone or your social life, dear Virgo, or rekindle an interest in a project. Something can inspire you to do your best or pursue a dream upon a friend’s encouragement. Sharing your ideas with others and enjoying relationships with like-minded people can be in focus now. You can feel refreshed by a new awareness of your needs for others or a special project. Consider that you may be wearing the proverbial rose-colored glasses about a partner or a relationship today, and aim to keep your feet on the ground. Friends or networks can be the center of your life at the moment. Someone might come to your aid, or you to theirs. If you’ve been feeling lacking on these levels, you might now acknowledge a need to make a change. It’s better to take your time and let things flow rather than force any issues.


Today’s Full Moon occurs in your sector of career, reputation, and responsibility, dear Libra, bringing a project to culmination, new light to a matter, and emotions to the surface. While your heart is with home and family these days, you’re also awakening to a professional goal or dream that’s coming alive inside you now. You may be in the position to show off your responsible side, or internal revelations awaken needs you weren’t acknowledging. This can be a great time for attracting attention for positive efforts or a good deed. Or, if you’ve been neglecting any duties to the “outside world,” you’re giving them attention now. It’s a good time to get to know what’s in your heart or whether or not your heart is in what you’re doing before making resolutions for the year ahead. Because Venus is heading toward a square to Neptune, however, it’s best not to make any important commitments or statements until the fog clears.


The Full Moon occurs in your solar ninth house, dear Scorpio. It’s an emotionally-charged time for discovering your true feelings on a matter or for reaching a significant turning point on a mental level. This Full Moon occurs along the mind and communications axis in your solar chart, awakening your need for spirit-refreshing experiences or inspiring you to pursue your heart’s desire. A project that you’ve been working on might blossom now. There can be breakthrough thinking or an emphasis on writing, particularly about your feelings toward someone or for professional aims, such as promotion or publicity work. This Full Moon can open your heart to feelings that you’ve left unacknowledged. Nurture your need to connect, but take your time processing your feelings. It would be a good idea to pull back and look at the bigger picture if you’re uncertain about what you’re hearing or reading.



The Full Moon today can awaken strong feelings about a partnership or financial matter, dear Sagittarius. It’s an “eyes wide open” time, although feelings magnify before they normalize. The need to depend on someone or to seek out support may arise, or your feelings about an attachment can come in full force. Sometimes this lunation occurs when unexpected bills emerge or when something comes due. It can be a good time to get a great deal or a pass on a problem that has been weighing on your mind. Focus now should be on what genuinely fulfills you. While it’s important to examine what comes bubbling to the surface today, it’s also a good idea to save big decisions for later.



Today’s Full Moon occurs in your opposite sign later today, dear Capricorn. Information or feelings can come to light, which can feel like a sudden or exciting discovery. An epiphany or revelation is possible as you connect with your true feelings on a matter. There can be a sudden interest in your work or services, or something personal comes into the spotlight. The need to attend to an important relationship or others’ needs can emerge with this Full Moon. Something that’s been brewing inside of you, perhaps left unacknowledged, reaches a head. Take your time with whatever emerges now, letting matters to unfold naturally, if possible. Be patient and observant to benefit the most from the day’s energies.



Today’s Full Moon can motivate you to pursue your work and health goals with more determination, dear Aquarius, possibly spurred on by a frustrating moment or realization. You’re inclined to listen to the inner voice that reminds you to take better care of yourself. You are not seeing things very realistically now, but your imagination is engaged. If you’ve neglected your routines or fallen out of certain good habits, this is a time when you get a strong reminder to get back on track. Sudden awareness of needs can seem to turn life upside down just for a moment. Take a deep breath and tend to matters that are truly important. Correcting imbalances typically don’t happen all at once, so aim to draw on patience. You can use this surge of emotional energy to make positive changes in the future.


Today’s Full Moon can stir personal revelations or a new awareness of an old matter, dear Pisces. As it occurs in your solar fifth house, it can revolve around romance, personal goals, friendships, or creative matters. You might become more fully aware of your feelings for or about someone, or your relationship needs, in general. There can be a strong urge to create, share, and express yourself. You could be feeling especially in the mood to celebrate, share your feelings, or create something special. You’re seeking activities and endeavors that give you a stronger sense of meaning or purpose. It’s certainly a time to be spontaneous and to allow the more creative side of your personality a chance to shine. Passions tend to run high. While it’s important to acknowledge your feelings and the feelings of people you care about, it’s a good idea to wait before making big decisions.