Here is your horoscope for 30 Nov 2020


Emotions run high today with a Lunar Eclipse in your communications and transportation sector, dear Aries. Feelings and events can lead to important discoveries, ideas, and changes in your mindset or attitude. Watch for impulsive self-expression, but give weight to your emotions and any new feelings experienced now. There can be a sudden rush to handle your daily affairs after perhaps excessive attention to everything else. A change of plans might prompt a scuffle of activity. Themes related to travel, belief systems, communications, transportation, and making connections are big now and the coming month, and today’s eclipse reminds you of connecting with your true feelings about what you’re learning, communicating, and sharing. A culmination of a writing or learning project can occur, or publicity and promotion are themes. This is certainly a time when facts are important to you, and they can help you refine your beliefs. Your worldview is changing. This eclipse is part of a series that began mid-year and will continue until next year. As today advances, you get into a reasonable and realistic frame of mind that helps you move forward. You may very well benefit from mature or realistic advice or speaking to superiors.


As you go a little more deeply into your pursuits these days, dear Taurus, you may need to find moments to come up for air. Heightened emotions surrounding money and possessions, as well as personal values and talents, can be a theme now with a Lunar Eclipse landing in your resources sector. Even though it’s a partial eclipse, it nevertheless holds power over you to face feelings and make changes and improvements that get you to a stronger sense of security, predictability, and safety. You can have a revelation about money or business or deal with matters related to your values and self-worth or boundaries in a relationship. Realizations about how to better handle or manage your money can occur now. Take your time before making any pivotal decisions, but aim to examine feelings coming to the surface, however raw they may be at the moment. As the day progresses, you might benefit from someone’s point of view. You might form or fine-tune plans, or your common sense helps you unblock or find your way around obstacles. It’s a good time to have a discussion about beliefs and morals or to clarify intentions. Being reliable and present can help strengthen bonds now.


A Lunar Eclipse occurs in your sign early today, dear Gemini, and you may have an emotional awakening this week. The truth you face now is about something that’s been with you for some time but that you haven’t yet acknowledged or fully noticed. Emotions run high, especially surrounding a personal matter or close relationship, and even with all of the emotional excitement, you can feel energetically drained. A Lunar Eclipse has the effect of a super-charged Full Moon. It can bring about a significant revelation, likely to do with your feelings about someone, your image, or personal impact. Events or epiphanies happening now seem to force a desire to make big changes related to your sense of independence. These feelings are real, but take your time with them. A Mercury-Saturn aspect occurring today can help even out your mood as the day advances. It’s a good time to demonstrate your work ethic or reliability. You might gain new and useful information that helps clarify work or health matters.


This morning brings steady energy for solving problems, dear Cancer, but the day advances with somewhat unstable energies on social levels. These can help you free up some creative energy if you’ve been in a rut, but they can throw you off-center temporarily. Part of you may want to experiment, or you need to deal with others who seem to be doing their own thing without much regard for your feelings on the matter. In truth, you may not know whether you want to be close to someone or prefer some space. Emotions can be up and down, which may very well lead to mixed signals. Expect the unexpected today and avoid making quick decisions about matters that require more thought and consideration. If you’re feeling caged in, look for non-disruptive ways to enjoy a sense of being free and independent. Today’s energies are exciting on the one hand but perhaps over-stimulating on the other. Later today, good energy is with you for coming together with someone special to get an important task done, or even for a simple pep talk. You can feel stronger through another person now.


Comfort seems pitted against independence or freedom with Venus opposite Uranus today, dear Leo. It may be best to try to adapt to interruptions rather than fight them. Changes now can have a way of pulling up unacknowledged needs. Nevertheless, the first half of the day can stir up some restless feelings, with areas where you’ve felt in a rut or restricted in stronger focus. Displays and reactions are possible. Uncertainties about your work situation or the general direction you’re heading in life can now impact your relationships. If you feel that your current work or reputation no longer fits or represents you, you can feel some tension. Expect the unexpected today rather than cling tightly to your schedules. Later today, think in terms of the long view for best results. Slow and steady will bring you closer to your goals.


You’re likely to experience a wonderful sense of being “in sync” and supported with someone today, dear Virgo, and a conversation or further thoughts and musings may be the key. It’s a good day to cooperate with others. Listening generously can be key. A Mercury-Neptune transit can make it easier for you to find inspiration. You’re also expressing yourself more imaginatively and charmingly. Agreements and negotiations are favorable, and letting go of stress and negative emotion can be particularly helpful and relieving. Guiding, teaching, or soothing people with words and possible solutions to problems can be rewarding. Tolerant and accepting energy helps you detox. You’re all set to learn from different viewpoints and perspectives, as well as inspire others with yours.


A practical mindset could clash with another part of you that would prefer to throw some caution to the wind today, dear Libra. You could feel divided early today. There can be a rush job or an unexpected change in plans that serve to mix things up a little but can leave you feeling edgy. You can be all wound up with no real plan unless you resolve to pick a project and enjoy it without worrying about what you may be missing as you do. The day advances with far less urgency and pressure. In fact, there’s fantastic energy for special attention and focus on work, health, and business pursuits. Intuition for money, work, and health matters is excellent. You can feel motivated to change things in your environment to improve your productivity.


Early today, tense aspects can lead to quick and perhaps poor choices if you’re not careful, dear Scorpio. It may not be easy or straightforward to harmonize your desires or impulses with your communications. You could be a little restless, with part of you craving emotional excitement but uncertainty about how to get it. The day advances more smoothly. Wonderful energy is with you for nurturing a creative project or special friendship with Venus in your sign connecting with Ceres in your sector of joy. As well, the Moon spends the day in your creativity sector, encouraging special attention to expressive, playful, and heart-centered activities. You could find yourself naturally gravitating towards positive situations and people, perhaps finding yourself exactly where you need to be at the right time.



Earlier today is good for entertainment and a playful, cooperative mood, dear Sagittarius, but you prefer not to idle as the day advances. A more purposeful mindset kicks in with the Moon’s move into your solar sixth house. You’re ready to put the work in with the Moon’s move into your work and health sector for a couple of days. You can quite enjoy yourself as you take care of things. It’s a fine day for easy productivity. As much as the urge to get cracking on duties, chores, work, or health routines is with you, there can be some doubts later today. You can quickly tire of anything that feels run-of-the-mill or lacking in magic and poetry at the moment with Mercury challenged. Look for creative solutions since it can be hard to focus on priorities if you have too many of them.



You’re inclined to keep to yourself early day, dear Capricorn, but grow into a desire to share or express yourself. Fortunately, you’re received well. You tend to seek more interaction with the Moon’s move into Taurus and your solar fifth house. The Moon transits a sector of the chart for only two to three days, but it can serve to remind you of important needs. This particular transit encourages attention to self-expression, creativity, fun, pleasure, and leisure or entertainment. More than usual, you’re emotionally invested in your heartfelt pursuits. Venus harmonizes with the Moon, Saturn, and Chiron, boosting your social confidence and your personal outlook. You could be itching to break out of your usual schedules and habits. Later today, your attention span may be short, so aim to avoid taking on too much. Take this time to understand yourself and your feelings, but avoid making big decisions now.



You’re in good shape for rounding out your understanding of things today, dear Aquarius. Today’s Sun-Chiron trine is useful for seeing things more holistically, particularly in your social life. Extra openness, sincerity, and warmth are themes in your friendships and communications. You’re likely to find support for your creative efforts, projects, and desires today. Your interactions with a partner, friends, or acquaintances are likely quite positive and inspiring. Ideas emerging now contribute to a dream or vision. Your goals and dreams seem more doable, and this lifts your spirits. Investing more of yourself in your projects and ideas can be exhilarating, filling you with a stronger sense of purpose. As the day advances, you’re in great shape for bringing more order to your world. You might learn new information that empowers you, particularly along professional lines. The use of strategy is especially important right now, as whatever comes up today tends to require extra thought and analysis, and it’s likely to benefit from a slow rollout.


There’s a stronger focus on your career, public, life direction, or reputation matters at this time of year, dear Pisces. If you feel a little out of balance, your best bet is to slow down and avoid acting on impulses, but do pay attention to prompts and reveals happening this week. This morning’s Lunar Eclipse in your home and family sector inspires realizations or epiphanies. Feelings that you’ve kept at bay or haven’t yet acknowledged are impossible to ignore now! Events and revelations clear the path for improvements in your life, particularly related to career, reputation, status, home, and family. For some of you, there could be home repairs, family dramas, or internal changes to deal with in the coming weeks, and you’re in the position to balance out your attention to outside responsibilities and your personal life. If you’ve been over-extending yourself, you’ll now find ways to get more downtime. As the day advances, you’re in good shape for clearing your head. You have a good eye for detail and a feel for what is truly worth your while as Mercury and Saturn harmonize. It’s also a fine time for solid work or making a reliable connection with someone. People tend to be a little more trustworthy or steady than usual, and you generally have your priorities straight at the moment.