In the first half of the day, pre-existing problems in intimate relationships work close to the surface, dear Aries, possibly interfering with work and duties. If people in your life have been overstepping their bounds, you can feel frustrated now, or this is about a problematic issue resurfacing. Blocks to plans encountered now can likely lead to valuable refinements–you’re gaining more than is immediately apparent, in other words! As the day advances, you more easily put aside overthinking and connect with your intuition. Active downtime can be in focus. You might want to work on domestic matters or long-term projects, and you can feel inspired by a dream of the future. The motivation to work hard for more idyllic home life is strong today. As well, others appreciate your special magic.


In the first half of the day, differences with spending, values, or respect in a relationship can be harder to take, dear Taurus. You may need to adjust something to get back on track. Playing both sides may end up complicating your life further. As the day advances, a Mars-Neptune trine comes into play, and harmonizing comes more naturally. The desire to take action on a project, new initiative, personal interest, connection, or studies can be powerful. You could be feeling quite bonded with or inspired by a friend or group. Interactions can thrive as you feel an intuitive or psychic connection to others. Collaboration can be successful and in focus. Taking action or pursuing a dream can leave you feeling stronger and filled with purpose. Others might fuel your motivation to reach out and connect or to pursue something you’re genuinely interested in. You are both enthusiastic and sensitive, and this endears you to others.


In the first half of the day, Venus in your sign forms a tense aspect with Pluto, dear Gemini. Money matters and questions of ownership can be tricky issues, needing careful handling. This transit can stir up doubts about a person in your life. Consider that decisions made under pressure will not serve you well, so aim to find a place of calm before you jump into anything. As the day advances, it’s far easier to hook into a positive frame of mind. It turns into an excellent day for efforts to build and develop something important to you or lay the groundwork for significant projects and endeavors. You have a unique sense of what is truly valuable to you and of your capabilities with Mars in your solar second house heading into harmony with Neptune in your sector of career and life path. Your energy increases the more inspired you feel, so take this time to dream, gather your resources, or seek inspiration. You may naturally gravitate towards unusual and wonderful ideas and things. Money sense can be good now, and you might also get a stronger clue as to where you are headed in a larger sense through the events or feelings of the day.


Venus in your privacy sector forms a minor challenging aspect to Pluto, influencing the first half of the day, dear Cancer. You’ll be getting in touch with some of the hidden forces at work in your life that may be undermining your relationships. Fears and resentments can be at the root of discontent. As the day advances, energies are strong for adding extra imagination and intuition to the equation. You can have a particularly inspirational effect on others now. Sharing a dream or vision can be gratifying, and your motivation or energy levels increase the more inspired you feel. Your intuition is very active and accurate, and connections to someone special or a particular project can be impassioned.


Today is a potentially great day for creativity, dear Leo, but you may wrestle with reminders of disappointments from your past or feelings of guilt in the first half of the day. Try to find healthy outlets for releasing your frustration and make plans to deal with any dilemma that might crop up in a step-by-step manner. Your work or health pursuits can make it hard for you to fully enjoy yourself in other areas of life. Later today, you may feel supported or readily fill the role of supporter. You might enjoy benefits coming through private conversations, the learning of a secret, or through observation. Mars moves into harmony with Neptune from your privacy sector, opening up premium channels for expressing your deeper desires or secret dreams and fantasies. A relationship can reach a new level with shared activities or revelations now. Something you’ve missed or overlooked emerges and completes the picture, or a matter falls into place. While it may be premature to push plans forward now, you can certainly work hard on them and find new inspiration or motivation to further your work. It’s a good day for attraction and magnetism, although it’s on the quiet, private side. It’s a good time for reflection that can ultimately lead you to redirect yourself in personal and professional areas.


There can be an indulgent, passive quality to part of the day, dear Virgo. You can be in the mood to spoil someone you care about. Doing something creative or sharing your ideas and feelings with others can be a strong draw. Still, Saturn stations and turns retrograde today and will move in this apparent backward motion until October 10th. While this and other important shifts occur this week, watch for errors. There may be strained relationships, or the weight of your work or health responsibilities can be heavier just for now. The cycle itself simply points to a shifting perspective on your routines, work, and health or romantic and creative life. It’s a better period for review and reflection than innovation, and while you may encounter some waning motivation or delays in any of these areas, you are in an excellent position to simplify, edit, and build what you already have in place. You might reassess commitments to specific programs, projects, or jobs.


Teaching, authoring, and communications can be especially rewarding now, dear Libra. The day is somewhat more settled than yesterday, although you may not be sure where to direct your energies. You might find it pleasant to talk something through, spend time with others, and learn assorted facts. Personal magnetism is strong, particularly when moving away from your routines and embracing new ideas and possibilities. Saturn stations and turns retrograde today, and it’s best to watch for errors as the shift occurs. Your perspective on commitments related to romance, family, and creativity is likely to shift in the months ahead–until October 10th. This cycle is suitable for reevaluating, consolidating, or rebuilding key areas of your life. Once accustomed to the energy, you’ll find that things even out and are smoother as you give extra consideration to the limits of time and energy. You might return to a previous project and approach it in a new way now, or you might build a work-in-progress. Brand-new major projects may not take off quickly and might only serve to stress you out, as this is a time for conserving energy and simplifying your life, generally speaking. Aim to level things out.


Mercury begins its transit of the sector of your solar chart that rules heart, home, and family, dear Scorpio. Thought processes are inward and intuitive during this cycle that lasts until March 15th. There can be a lot to learn about (or through) family and close loved ones in the weeks ahead. Thoughts and conversations often turn to domestic affairs, family concerns, or the past. You are not as communicative in the outside world, and you may not feel quite as understood or “heard” at this time. You may be a little more guarded than usual with your thoughts and ideas. However, it’s another story in your personal life, which is far busier. Later today, there can be some tensions if you give in to pressures to push a matter or to rush through things. There can be some abruptness in communications or actions, which might lead to unnecessary complications. Kept under check, you may find ways to break out along a new path of expression. Try not to rush things, and don’t let others boss you around, and you’ll have a better chance of resolving problems.



Mercury completes its transit of your resources sector, dear Sagittarius, and now enters your communications sector. As the planet of communications, it feels right at home there! This cycle that lasts until March 15th helps you make sharper assessments and gain some mental clarity. It encourages reaching out, making connections, picking up new interests and skills, and sharing your ideas. Learning, teaching, studying, and conversations flow naturally now. Later today, Mercury forms a hard aspect to Mars, which can generate some tension if you give in to pressures to rush something through. Impatience can be a problem, particularly with ideas. Simplifying or focusing on one thing at a time may help. Watch for hasty moves and jumping too quickly to conclusions. Slowing down just a little can ultimately get you where you want to go, if not faster, more smoothly.



Mercury moves out of your sign and into your resources sector today, dear Capricorn, where it will stay until March 15th. This influence is beneficial for your practical affairs–you’re bringing more intelligence and attention to matters related to finances, valuables, possessions, and security or comfort. These very things can also be strongly on your mind in the weeks ahead! You can pick up useful, practical information, mainly because this is the kind of information you seek most. Later today, Mercury and Mars form a challenging square aspect, and it’s best not to rush conclusions or statements. It’s far easy to say something you later regret under this influence. It may not be easy to relax temporarily, but tension might push you to take care of something you’ve let go. Taking something as an intellectual challenge may be your best bet. Moderation and patience are key, even if they’re difficult to put into practice.



The Moon spends the day at the top of your solar chart, inclining you to nurture your ambitions today, dear Aquarius. You’re especially aware of your influence and reputation now. Also today, Mercury enters your sign, and until March 15th, you’re finding your voice and making snappier decisions. It’s a self-starting and sometimes restless cycle. You may need to put a little extra effort into making time to relax. Otherwise, it’s a strong period for mental clarity. You prefer to take the lead when it comes to mental or intellectual tasks rather than consult others or collaborate. While Mercury transiting your sign is a mostly helpful influence, it forms a square to Mars today, and you should watch for the tendency to jump the gun. It’s best not to rush now — problems may result from pushing something too quickly. Try not to give in to pressures to say or do something in haste. It’s also possible that family or home matters can conflict with your plans, or people close to you may be annoyed by your attention to other things. There may be a disagreement that requires putting egos aside to resolve.


Mercury begins its transit of your privacy sector today, dear Pisces. Until March 15th, your decision-making skills and thought processes tend to be more intuitive, inward, or solitary. It’s a good cycle for processing recent experiences, as well as for reasoning your way through issues that you’ve left unfinished or pushed to the side. You can arrive at a greater understanding of your life, and you might help others with words of advice and wisdom. You’re looking at the past from a new perspective and paying more attention to your private life. Even so, Mercury forms a challenging aspect to Mars later today, and it can fire you up to take care of a problem area. However, it’s better to avoid rushing words or actions now. Unresolved matters can weigh on your mind, which can distract you or incline you to rush through communications. Tense or rushed speech can, in turn, lead to unnecessary complications or misunderstandings. There might also be competitiveness with others that irritates rather than motivates. Try not to put plans into motion because you’re impatient–wait until you’re confident and have time to put more thought into them.